Kids for Kyla was founded in 2010 in memory of a little girl named Kyla....


She has a heartbreaking story that has touched the hearts of thousands. Her short life has left a legacy in the Kids for Kyla foundation, bringing hope and help to families. God has used her to not only touch the lives of people around her family, but to mold them into the people that He has needed them to become. 

Kyla's parents founded this foundation due to their own personal experience with infertility, miscarriage, loss, and adoption. Kyla's mother had medical conditions that made it very difficult to conceive.  In 2006 they started down the road of infertility treatments.  After spending nearly all of their savings and struggling with health challenges, they got pregnant! However, nine weeks later they experienced their first loss, a miscarriage.  In the midst of all of this, they were battling a business that they had bought that had more problems than had been presented to them. They ended up closing the business and taking a big loss.  Shortly thereafter, their home was hit by a tornado, and they were forced to come up with money to pay the insurance deductible. 

Discouraged, broke and childless, they decided to try to change their lifestyle and got pregnant again! The pregnancy went well with no complications. On Feb. 5th 2010 they gave birth to little Kyla Ann Chiyoko--perfect in every way except she did not start breathing on her own.  The lack of immediate oxygen caused irreversible brain damage.  After 6 days in Children’s Hospital the doctors determined that she would never regain consciousness or breathe on her own.  They then made the courageous decision to donate her heart to a 62-day-old girl and her kidneys to an unknown recipient.  On Feb. 11, 2010 Kyla passed away as they held her in the operating room.  They found themselves heartbroken, lost for words, numb to the world, still childless and facing a pile of medical bills.  The doctors were stumped; they could only shrug and say, “This is just that 1 in a 1,000,000 case.”

The adoption process was started before they were pregnant with Kyla, but they chose to put it on hold during the last few months of the pregnancy.  Shortly after losing Kyla, they decided to re-enter the process.  They got their paperwork completed, home study finished and all of their classes done.  They were chosen by a birth mom on July 21, 2010, and on August 21, 2010 she gave birth to a baby boy.  In Colorado parents sign papers on the 4th business day following birth.  On the 3rd day the birth mom changed her mind and wanted the baby back.  They were discouraged that they no longer had the finances to go through another adoption, making the loss and the heart ache even worse.  But their agency was gracious and willing to keep working with them.  In October 2010, they were chosen by another birth mom. A young girl in the foster system.  The agency said that it was a virtually a done deal.  On their way to the hospital on November 5 to meet the baby girl the agency called, birth mom was changing her mind and it didn’t look good.  Another loss…

On December 31, 2010, the last day, of the worst year of Kyla's parents lives, a little girl was born.  Five weeks later, after all legal risk was cleared, they went and met little Makyla Joy for the first time and brought her to her forever home.  Makyla was the answer to countless prayers, late nights and shed tears. 

A year and a half later, they became pregnant again.  Because of the journey with Kyla, the next nine months would be filled with anxiety, hope, fear, joy, confusion… On May 27, 2013 Kim delivered a healthy baby boy, Asher Timothy Masayuki Mayeda.  

Like many of you reading this, the founders of Kids for Kyla know the emotional stress that both infertility treatment and the adoption process can cause.  Then to add the financial stress of it all can make things sometimes feel hopeless.  It is because of this heartbreaking yet joyous story that Kids for Kyla was created. The foundation strives to give hope to families in a seemingly hopeless, painful, and stressful situation and allow God to provide for others through Kids for Kyla.